Shadanga Ksheerabala Thailam 200ml| Foot Massage Oil | For Relaxation and Sleep | Destress, Rejuvenate & Relax | Non-Habit Forming Herbal Sleep Promoter | With Bala, Cow’s Milk in Sesame Oil |

Rs. 299.00

Know your Ksheerabala Thailam

Stress, and increased screen time, the reason for irregular sleep cycles may be many. Padabhyanga, the ancient practice of massaging feet with herbal oil, has been an important part of the daily routine in Ayurveda. It instills a sense of deep relaxation and promotes deep, restful sleep by balancing the deranged Vata dosha. Ksheerabala Thailam is a popular oil for Padabhyanga, as it is a very grounding and nourishing oil that soothes and calms your senses.

Ksheerabala Thailam is a potent yet simple formulation containing only three ingredients- Country mallow or Bala, cow’s milk, and Sesame oil. Bala is considered to be one of the best herbs to calm down Vata dosha. The herbal paste and decoction of this wonder herb is cooked in the nourishing base of equal quantities of cow’s milk and sesame oil to yield Ksheerabala Thailam.