Shadanga Pinda Thailam 200 Ml | Gout Joint pain relief Oil | Relief Oil | Relieves Burning Sensation in Varicose Veins |With Manjistha and Anantamul | Sesame Oil Base| Reduces redness and swelling

Rs. 299.00

Know your Shadanga Ayurveda Pinda Thailam

Calm your gout flare and get back your life today with Pinda Thailam. Our time-tested remedy is based on the original recipe from the 2,500-year-old-secret book of Ayurveda, Ashtanga Hridayam. Our formula is designed to provide long-term relief from the debilitating consequences of gout, such as muscle aches, burning sensations, and itching. Our herbal oil is equally effective in relieving varicose veins symptoms by strengthening the muscles and valves of the veins, preventing blood backup, and reducing pain and burning sensations. With Pinda Thailam, you can say goodbye to gout flare-ups and reclaim your active lifestyle. Ease the burden of gout and varicose veins and live life without limitations with our trusted solution with the goodness of :


  • Indian madder or Manjistha- helps balance pitta, which causes pain and burning sensation in gout and varicose veins.
  • Indian Sarsaparilla or Anantamul - helps to soothe joint pain and stiffness and promotes better blood flow to the legs.
  • White dammar or Sarja - helps to subdue the burning sensation associated with varicose veins with its cooling effect.
  • Sesame oil, the base of Pinda Thailam, is considered sreshtha or best among thaila, as it suits all dosha types.
  • Natural Beeswax, the key ingredient of Pinda Thailam, is a natural anti-inflammatory agent.