Ayurvedic treatment for PCOS

PCOS can be linked with genes. The association of PCOS bad genes is considered to be the most common cause for PCOS. If PCOS has been prominent in your family history, you’re likely to be affected by it also. Secondly, the body’s resistance to insulin is another important reason that can lead to the occurrence of PCOS. Third comes inflammation. Inflammation is also an important factor that can cause PCOS. PCOS is marked by excess androgens in the body. Anything that causes an unusual increase in the level of male hormones can lead to PCOS.

Why consider Ayurveda as a worthy treatment for PCOS?

Ayurveda holds innumerable gems when it comes to curing diseases and daily impairments of life. Several cases have been witnessed where Ayurveda was the last hope for people who were found with a deadly disease that seemed to be incurable and ayurvedic treatment did its wonder and was successful in eradicating the disease. Given below is a list of benefits of ayurvedic treatment for PCOS.

  • Herbal-based and organic

All of the ayurvedic medicines are herbal and natural. The ingredients are 100% organic and plant-based. Anything herbal and organic can only lead to improving your quality of health and does not harm you.

  • Least side-effects

Ayurveda comes with least to negligible side effects. It comes with only positive impacts on our health. This is the biggest factor why you should consider Ayurvedic treatment for pcos.

  • Relatively cheaper

The medications and chemical-based drugs that you are prescribed by medical professionals are highly expensive and not everyone with PCOS can afford them. But ayurvedic treatment is relatively cheaper and much more affordable for all.

  • Permanent cure

The ayurvedic treatment promises permanent treatment for PCOS. It is the only medical treatment that comes with the assurance of permanently removing the disease. A permanent cure for PCOS in Ayurveda is another strong factor to seek its treatment.

Ayurvedic Treatment For PCOS

Common symptoms

But before going into details of the ayurvedic treatment for PCOS, let’s discuss its symptoms

  • Irregularity in period occurrence

PCOS is marked with a lack of ovulation which results in a lack of release of an egg every month. When no egg is released, no shedding of the lining of the uterine wall takes place. Women who go through PCOS, experience around 8 ovulations in a year and severe cases, not a single ovulation in the entire year.

  • Excessive blood loss

When regular ovulation doesn’t take place every month then, the uterine lining keeps getting thick. When a period occurs and the uterine lining begins to shed then the blood loss can be excessive and much more in quantity than normal bleeding.

  • Unusual hair growth

Hirsutism is the term for excessive hair growth. The records say that around 72% of women grow excessive facial hair. Excessive hair growth is also seen at the back, belly, and chest. Therefore, hirsutism is a noticeable symptom of PCOS.

  • Impromptu acne occurs

PCOS is marked by a lot of fluctuations in the hormones which leads to an excess of acne and pimples to occur. PCOS means a rise in androgens that is male hormones, and these hormones make the skin very oily which leads to acne.

Other symptoms include the gain in weight, male pattern baldness, skin darkening, and headaches.

Ayurvedic treatment for PCOS

  1. By use of natural herbs – PCOS can be easily cured by intake of natural organic herbs like
  • Ashwagandha helps in balancing the level of cortisol in the body and also manages stress.
  • Cinnamon helps in the proper regulation of the menstrual cycle.
  • Turmeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory nature and also leads to a significant decrease in insulin resistance.
  1. Yoga and physical exercise – Yoga helps a lot in curing PCOS. Some of the most effective yoga poses include the butterfly pose, bharadvajasana, and Shavasana. By regularly practicing these asanas of yoga, you can cure PCOS.
  2. PCOS ayurvedic diet – Ayurvedic treatment comes with a lot of changes in the diet also. Diet affects your menstrual cycle in multiple ways. Talking about PCOS, a meal that is rich in less saturated food items should be given much importance. Moreover, a reduction in salt intake is also a must. Then, fresh fruits and vegetables can never do any harm, they should be taken in place of sugary items.
  3. Ease of access – If you’re willing to cure your PCOS all by yourself without taking any professional advice from doctors then you can do some basic research from the internet. Various sites provide PCOS ayurvedic treatment in Hindi as well as in English. A little bit of research is always beneficial.

You can also seek help from companies like Shadanga, they provide expert advice and help you in every aspect of the treatment. You need not worry about having any doubts during the entire span of your treatment, they will take care of everything.