Weight Management

Obesity is one of the most common ailments faced by many in today’s modern era. Obesity can occur when excess fat gets accumulated in the body, and this can pave the way for various health issues like hypertension, digestive disorders, diabetes and more. Obesity can affect a person’s confidence by affecting their social life as well. If you are overweight, you need to control the same before it leads to obesity.

Shadanga's Ayurvedic Weight Management Program

The weight management program at Shadanga is based on the ancient art of Ayurveda and Panchakarma. We follow a natural approach and suggest a treatment plan after a proper diagnosis. The treatment plans for weight management at Shadanga are individualized. We understand that there are several factors associated with overweight and underweight, and hence follow a “multi-modality” approach for weight management.

An ideal weight management program at Shadanga begins with an assessment, where our experts identify the factors that are affecting your weight loss/weight gain. A customized treatment is then suggested to suit your present health condition.

Unlock Your Wellness Journey

For a person to be healthy and in good shape, it is important for them to re-establish their biological rhythms, and this is achieved by understanding their body type. As per our Ayurvedic experts, the food we take and the routine we follow affects our body and mind.

With the Weight Management Program of Shadanga, you can:

  • Know your body type as per Ayurveda
  • Detoxify your body and get rid of harmful toxins that might have been accumulated
  • Improve your body metabolism, thus promoting weight loss
  • Receive a customized diet plan and a healthy routine for a successful weight loss journey

Why Shadanga? For Weight Management

With so many options available for weight loss and weight management, why do you need to choose Shadanga?

Well, we work with a goal to support you in your weight management journey, with the main focus on achieving balanced health. We provide you with tools and suggestions during the treatment, letting you enjoy enhanced physical and mental balance.

Customized Programs

The Ayurveda experts at Shadanga customize weight management programs to suit your body type, keeping your overall wellness in mind. You go home with special recommendations with improved motivation, helping you continue your weight loss progress.

Memorable Experience - Weight Management

Memorable Experience

Weight loss programs need not be stressful, and we at Shadanga care for every guest of ours. We provide unique experiences to one and all, nurturing attention and providing them with all the care they need.

Ayurvedic Experts - Weight Management

Back By Experts

Whatever your health condition, our ayurvedic experts work in conjunction with patients to create an effective program that addresses all your health-related concerns.

Long-Lasting Results - Weight Management

Long-Lasting Results

We identify the cause of your weight imbalance using specialized assessments. Hence, our treatment plans successfully treat the cause, giving you long-lasting results.

Holistic Approach - Weight Management

Holistic Approach

We use only natural approaches to treat weight imbalance based on the principles of Sthoulya Chikitsa mentioned in Ayurveda. Our treatment programs remove the impurities from the body and reestablish body’s biological rhythms & optimum metabolism with absolutely zero side effects.

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