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Apart from an additional professional qualification, Ayurveda teaches you how to adopt the Right Way of Living.

This ancient wisdom has solutions for all your problems whether physical, mental or emotional. If you are a health & wellness enthusiast, please don’t be late to sign up for our well-crafted Ayurvedic programs.

We have tailor-made programs for everyone’s needs whether you are a spa & wellness expert or a homemaker.

We have customized programs for wellness industry professionals, therapists, doctors, dieticians, managers, students & Ayurveda Enthusiasts.

SL No.  Ayurveda Training Program Program Code Duration Fee For Indian Nationals (INR) Fee For Foreign Nationals (USD)
1. 1 Day Program SOP 3 hours 3500 120
2. 3 Day Program(7650) STP 3 hours sessions for 3 days 9500 250
3. 1 Week Program SWP 3 hours sessions for 1
week (Monday to Friday)
15000 650
4. 2 Week Program SAP-1 4 hours sessions for 2
weeks (Monday to Friday)
25000 1200
5. 4 Week Program SAP-2 4 hr sessions for 4
weeks (Monday to Friday)
45000 1850

According to ancient Ayurveda classics, Human body is broadly divided in to SHADANGA which means 6 major parts. Literal meaning of Shadanga (Shad – 6 + Anga – Parts) is classification of body in to 6 major parts which are 2 upper limbs , 2 lower limbs , head & trunk and the aim of Shadanga Ayurveda is to provide solutions for ailments related to Shadanga of body by compiling the treatment protocols of Kerala’s Ayurveda which are mainly influenced by ShadUpkrama (6 types of Healing Techniques),

SOP (Shadanga – One Day Ayurveda Program)

Suitable for all Ayurveda enthusiasts to know the basics of this holistic science. Recommended for various groups across all fields like corporates, group travelers, members of various associations & clubs.
A theoretical session consists of discourse on Ayurveda, History of Ayurveda, Basic Principles & Philosophies of Ayurveda & Practical aspects of Ayurveda in our day-to-day life. There will be a video demo on basic Ayurveda therapies. Program Schedule: 2 hr class + 1 hr Therapy Demonstration

STP (Shadanga – Three days Ayurveda Program)

Ideal program for small Group travelers, Mind-body enthusiasts, Corporates, IT professionals, Diplomats, FITs, Doctors, Nutritionists, Wellness enthusiasts, Yoga experts, Spa & Hospitality professionals. The program will cover core concepts in Ayurveda like Tridosha theory, Panchamahabooth concept, Ayurveda philosophies & 3 important Ayurvedic Therapies. Therapies covered: Abhyangam, Shirodhara & Podikizhi

Daily Program Schedule: 1 hr Theory + 1 hr Practical + 1 hr Therapy demonstration

SWP (Shadanga – 1 Week Ayurveda Program)

Suitable for spa & wellness industry professionals, spa /wellness managers/owners, trainers, therapists, doctors, holistic healers, dieticians. The program will provide you the crux of Ayurveda and will make you an expert in the 5 most important therapies of Ayurveda along with a deep insight into the natural way of living & the importance of balancing bio-humors to keep a person healthy.
The program will cover the History of Ayurveda, Philosophies, Ayurvedic Wellness Concepts, Tridosha & Panchakarma theories, and 5 major therapies of Ayurveda and its practical demonstration.
Therapies covered: Abhyangam, Shirodhara, PodiKizhi, Udhwarthanam & Kativasthi
Daily Program Schedule: 1 hr Theory + 1 hr Practical + 1 hr Therapy Demo

SAP-1 [Shadanga- Ayurveda Practitioner Program Level-1]

2 Weeks Ayurveda Program Shadanga’s most sought-after program which enables the candidates to do basic Ayurvedic- wellness consultations with their patients & perform Ayurvedic therapies confidently. Also, this program can be customized as per the candidate’s special requirements & availability.
Starting from the introduction & history of Ayurveda, the program will cover major topics under Ayurveda including Philosophies, Concepts, Theories, Treatment modalities, Diet & Regimen (Dinacharya), and Seasonal (Ritucharya) precautions in Ayurveda. The program will cover the basics of Human Anatomy & Physiology with Ayurvedic aspects, Therapies covered in detail are Abhyangam, Shirodhara, Nasya, Podikizhi, Udhwarthanam & Kativasthi.
Daily Program Schedule: 2 hr Theory + 2 hr Practical; classes will be on Monday to Friday for 2 weeks.

SAP-2 [Shadanga – Ayurveda Practitioner Program Level-2]

4 Weeks Ayurveda Program – Comprehensive study on Ayurveda and its practical aspects which is suitable for those who are from the health care/wellness sector to become an Ayurveda expert. SAP-2 will cover the complete science in a concise form including basic principles of Ayurveda, Philosophies & theories, Therapies, Panchakarma, Dravyaguna, Prakrithi & Prakrithi Analysis (Body Constitution Analysis), Ayurvedic Diet & Regimen, Ayurvedic way to manage lifestyle disorders, Basic Ayurveda medicines & home remedies, Roga Pareeksha & Rogi Pareeksha.
SAP-2 students will have an opportunity to do projects & training with our Ayurvedic Treatment centers if they are interested.
Therapies covered in detail are Abhyangam, Shirodhara, Nasya, Podikizhi, Elakizhi, Udhwarthanam, Udhgarshanam, Najvarakishi & Kativasthi
Daily Program Schedule: 2 hr Theory + 2 hr Practical; classes will be on Monday to Friday for 4 weeks.

NB: There will be 10 % Discount for group of students of minimum 5 pax.

Note: Above rates apppcable from 1st April’20 to 31th March’2022

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