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The Shadanga Yoga Studio (Astha Yoga by Shadanga) is a haven of joy, energy, health, and vitality for everyone who visits. It is a location for quiet reflection, heightened awareness, and individual rejuvenation.

Shadanga Yoga Gurukul, apart from its daily yoga training
, offers the best Yoga therapy, Yoga Classes & Yoga courses, and a
relaxing environment in which you can find inspiration, holistic growth, and the
fine balance between your KOSHAS & DOSHAS.

Our yoga courses including Diploma in Yoga, Yoga
Therapy and integrated approach of Yoga & Ayurveda are highly rated
training programs in the domain of Yoga & integrated holistic health
practice. Our programs are authorized & approved by STED Council of India,
YCB (Yoga certification body) PQMS and Skill India NSDC

Higest Rated and Authorised

Yoga Teacher Training School

We are a Yoga Teacher Training School in India that is firmly anchored in the traditional yoga practices of India. Students come from every corner of the world to participate in our well-known yoga teacher training program, which we have been offering for many years.

Yoga Online Training (Diploma) for therapists


Our name, Shadanga, which comes from the Sanskrit words for “six” and “parts,” is a categorization of the body into six major parts, which are two upper limbs, two lower limbs, a head, and a trunk.

The concept of wholeness and completion runs throughout the instruction that we offer, as well as the respect that we have for the various yoga lineages and traditions and the welcoming of students from all over the world who practice those various lineages and traditions. We take great delight in providing you with outstanding and all-encompassing yoga teaching that will assist you in developing your practice to a higher level. You can get both Yoga Class Online and Offline at Shadanga Yoga Center. And Yoga Online Training (Diploma) for therapists

Why Choose Us ?

The SHADANGA YOGA is recognized as a world leader in the provision of yoga therapy treatment, training, and education to yoga & health professionals. This enables these experts to treat physical and mental disorders more effectively. The Institute is well-known for its work in the intersection of various fields, including neurophysiology, psychotherapy concepts, yoga therapy, and mindfulness practice.

At Shadanga- Kerala Ayurveda, our goal is to create a healthy and balanced way of living via the utilization of Ayurvedic Medical Science. This improves the guests’ bodily, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We provide Yoga Class Online and Offline for all.

Personal Fulfillment

We are the community through which you may give life to your passion. If one of your goals is to make other people happy and bring them joy, then yoga therapy treatment is an excellent method for accomplishing this goal. Helping other people while practicing yoga is a fantastic opportunity to make an impact and gain acknowledgment for one’s efforts.

Experience the feeling of value, give and accept gratitude, and value yourself. We are here to assist you in developing into the person you envision being.

Unlock Success with Your True Partner and Coach


  • Have you ever considered making a living off your yoga practice? We assist you in identifying and putting into action the most effective plan to accomplish this goal. We provide you with the resources, knowledge, self-esteem, and bravery to live up to your maximum potential so that you may stand out.

True Partner And Coach

  • We aim to be more to you than merely a platform that you may use online. We feel that a trustworthy connection built on long-term mutual commitment is essential. We are one another’s support system. We listen. We motivate and inspire others. We are firm believers that progress may occur via the exchange of open, honest, and constructive feedback on both sides.

Our Mission

For The All, Shadanga:

Provides education to the general public regarding various topics in Ayurveda & Yoga pertaining to mental health, treatment, the procedure of therapy, as well as the distinctions between healthy and ill forms of therapy.

Empowers the wellness journeys of all individuals by providing access to information that is credible and non-pathologizing on mental health, as well as listing skilled mental health experts and recognized treatment centres in our online portals.

Challenges the stereotypes, myths, and stigmas that might surround mental health disorders and treatment in a way that prevents people from seeking assistance when they need it.

For Therapists, Shadanga:

  • Facilitates a network of therapists & treatment facilities who adhere to ethical therapy principles and are devoted to harm reduction in therapy.
  • Access to excellent continuing education programs, up-to-date therapy news, information, and resources linked to ethics & power dynamics in therapy is made available to caring, collaborative therapists.
  • Provides top web directories with stringent membership requirements, providing members with consistent referrals as well as other advantages that build a profitable practice.

Our Vision

We imagine a mental health society in which all individuals are seen by doctors as having the potential to change. People have a tendency to be viewed as defective and lacking in the qualities necessary for healthy and joyful living much too frequently. We are making efforts to put a stop to this damaging pattern.

We provide Yoga Online Training (Diploma) to teachers. And urge therapists to give individuals the benefit of the doubt by clinging to the age-old belief that humans are born kind, loving, and vulnerable creatures. And by realizing the events and situations of people, they are exposed to throughout their lives.

We imagine a society in which everyone has access to the knowledge and therapy that may assist them in improving their emotional and mental health and achieving peace. Therefore, we offer Yoga Class Online and Offline to contribute to developing healthier communities and families.

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