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Not everyone is aware of the fact that detoxification helps us in many ways. The process of detoxification strengthens our immune system and helps our body to function better. Detoxification is important as your body can get rid of those toxins that have been accumulated over the years, before manifesting the same as a serious health issue/ illness.

Time To Detox

As per Ayurveda, it is important to know the root cause of any disease before treating it. In most of the cases, it is the toxins or the Ama (Ayurvedic terminology for accumulated toxins in body) that happen to be the reason for imbalance. So, to maintain balance and good health, it is important to remove the toxins from our body, and treatments at Shadanga help you with that.

Ayurvedic experts at Shadanga – Kerala’s Ayurveda diagnose every guest individually before the start of therapy. The ayurvedic detoxification provided by us is unique to every guest and their dosha (body type) and is performed after knowing the cause for the same.

Detoxification At Shadanga Includes:

  • A Pre-Purification Process known as Purva Karma
  • Primary Purification Process known as Pradhana Karma
  • Post Purification Process known as Paschat Karma

Purva Karma

The Pre-purification process, also known as the Purva Karma, prepares the human body to get rid of toxins that are stored. The procedure is performed in two stages. They are:

Snehana –This is the very first step of detoxification, where the body is well oleated & lubricated using herbal Ghee’s and medicated oils both externally & internally. With the internal oleation using ghee or other medicated oils, the ama in the body is loosened, and it’s moved from the tissues to the GI tract. The same is then eliminated using other Panchakarma detoxification therapies.

The procedure also includes external oleation with various Ayurvedic therapies like Abhyangam, Pizhichil, Sirodhara etc which involves massage of the whole body using herbal or medicated oils. The oils used depend on the individual’s dosha imbalance.

Swedana –This is the procedure that is performed post-massage for sudation. The therapy helps in easy removal of the toxins from the body with easy dilation of the channels. Two types of Swedana are performed – Nadi Swedana and Bashpa Swedana and most common application method is Steam Bath using an Ayurvedic Steam cabinet

Pradhana Karma {PANCHAKARMA}

This is the second stage of detoxification, where the toxins reach the GI tract and have to be eliminated from the body. At Shadanga, we use any of the Panchakarma treatment (Five-fold Purification Therapies ) to eliminate toxins or ama from body.

Vamana –Vamana is recommended for patients who are suffering from lung congestion and are troubled with colds, asthma/cough and various skin conditions. This is therapeutic vomiting that eliminates the Kapha from the body, which causes mucus.

Virechana –If the individual is suffering from excess Pitta Dosha, it may get accumulated in liver, small intestine, stomach and the gall bladder. This can cause various skin conditions, nausea, jaundice, stomach issues including ulcers. Virechana is an Ayurvedic Purgation therapy to treat such conditions effectively by eliminating excess Pitta and toxins from body.

Nasya –Ayurveda believes that our nose is the doorway to our head region, especially to sinuses & upper respiratory tract. Administering the medicine via nose is called as Nasya. The procedure is used to treat illnesses like sinus, respiratory problems, asthma, and more.

Vasti –Vasti is the procedure used to treat Vata Dosha predominant conditions and also effective in treating conditions like constipation, kidney stones, digestion problems and more. During the process, herbal or medicated oil is introduced into the rectum of the patient, almost like a medicated enema. There are various kinds of Vasti’s (depending on Herbal Combinations using in Vasti medicine) mentioned in Ayurveda to treat different health problems.

Paschat Karma

In the last stage of Ayurvedic detoxification process, Paschat Karma helps the body to re-establish itself by boosting its immunity and metabolism.

The treatment plans mentioned above help with complete detoxification of body. Our doctors do check medical history and present health condition before suggesting a treatment plan.

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