Ayurveda has been a part of the Indian health care system since ancient times (which were centuries ago!). The practice of Ayurveda stems from the Vedic culture but was pushed aside with the introduction of Western medicine. Despite this, you will find several people practicing this lifestyle. You can even find an ayurvedic clinic in Gurgaon!

What is ‘Ayurveda’?

Ayurveda translates to ‘the science of life’. Ayur means life and Veda means knowledge. This art of healing goes beyond just using herbs and oils, doing yoga, and chanting- it is about striking a balance within your mind and soul. It identifies and heals the physiological and psychological roots of the health problem.

This healing practice aims to help restore balance in four aspects of ourselves- our spirit, our environment, our body, and our mind. We become unwell when one of these aspects is harmed attacked. Restoring balance is the only way we can feel healthier and happier in our lives.

How does it work

Ayurveda works on the concepts of doshas or the primary qualities of the body. There are three main types of doshas, namely, Vata, pitta, and Kapha. These are based on the elements of water, air, earth, fire, and space which work together to maintain balance. When these are thrown off course, the body is in the state of vikruti, or an imbalanced state of anxiety, dehydration, stress, etc.

The practice utilizes natural remedies and practices to restore balance. There is no use of artificial or chemical products, which makes it safe and risk-free compared to allopathic medicine.

Each person has a dominant dosha or doshas based upon which their Ayurvedic diets and treatments are based. You can easily identify the dominant dosha within you with research. It doesn’t matter how old you are, Ayurveda works for everyone!

Advantages of using Ayurveda

Several studies have revealed that Ayurveda is effective and helpful in the following ways:

  • Lose and maintain your weight

As the popularity of an unhealthy lifestyle rises, several people struggle with their weight. Both losing weight and maintaining it is a tough task, especially if you have a health condition. However, with Ayurveda though you can shed fat naturally.

Unlike prescribed allopathic medicine, which contains side effects that mess up your emotional and sometimes physical stability, the healthy diet plan given by the Ayurvedic doctor is safe. They will prescribe nutritious food to you based on your dosha.

The diet plan prescribed by the Ayurvedic doctor will help detoxify your entire body, get rid of body odor and excess fat in the tissues. It will also reduce cholesterol and improve metabolism.

A study by PubMed Central found that those with pitta and Kapha dominant doshas (who tend to be heavier than those with dominant Vatadosha) lost significant amounts of weight after following a prescribed Ayurvedic diet for three months straight. If you go to any Ayurvedic clinic they even have an ayurvedic massage for weight loss available.


Stress is a menace attacking everyone these days and taking a break has become super important. Through the techniques of yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, massages, etc. take out at least five minutes of your day to relax your mind. You will feel calmer and more relaxed.

Yoga strengthens your body, especially your automatic nervous system and ensures you feel energized the entire day. It helps make your mind more alert and active as well. Practices like dinacharya, which means to wake up before the sun, is said to give you peace of mind and make you feel ready to begin your day. Keep anxiety away with deep breathing exercises to supply as much oxygen to your cells as possible.

Increase mindfulness

Mindfulness is the pathway to self-knowledge and growth- and Ayurveda helps with that. You pay more attention to the kind of lifestyle you are living in Ayurveda and take conscious choices related to your life. The breathing exercises mentioned before help increase your awareness of your surroundings, hence giving you a bigger sense of control over your life. If you are impulsive, mindfulness helps you gain more self-control.

When you are mindful of your diet, you choose to stop yourself from indulging in unhealthy eating habits like binge eating. You can even keep depression and stress at bay when you are more mindful. There is no end to the benefits you get when you practice mindfulness and Ayurveda is there to provide them with every step of the way.

Get rid of insomnia

With stress and a fast-paced lifestyle, getting regular sleep or any sleep at all has become a myth in some people’s lives. This is attributed to habits like drinking coffee before bed, scrolling through social media when lying in bed, and not giving yourself time to digest your food before sleeping.

As a result, this gives your sympathetic nervous system active when it really should be your parasympathetic nervous system in play. Ayurveda can eliminate your problem of undisturbed sleep through simple tricks like rubbing coconut oil or jasmine on the soles of your feet and scalp and drinking a warm glass of milk. This is simple and easy to follow and brings results.

Improve your skin and hair

Since Ayurveda makes you healthier, your outer appearance, especially your skin also glows. You can use the ayurvedic herbs for skin without damaging it, unlike the manufactured products.

Consumes healthy and leafy greens, drink lots of water and green tea to improve digestion eat foods with Omega-3 acids like nuts and seeds to get glowing, radiant skin. Ayurveda is also helpful in reducing inflammation, making your skin feel supple, soft, and healthy-looking. Your hair is also well taken care of with the Ayurvedic diet. Use to look Ayurveda younger now!

It’s cheap!

Probably the biggest advantage of using Ayurveda is that it is cheap and hardly requires buying anything outside of your daily groceries. It is more about a change in lifestyle that makes Ayurveda so effective.

It doesn’t matter what kind of help you take from Ayurveda, be it a diet plan or ayurvedic massage therapy, it will improve all aspects of your life. So what are you waiting for? Avail its benefits now!