How To Remove Toxins From Body In Ayurveda: We don’t eat outside much, why is it needed to detox our body? Many ask the same question when we mention detoxing the body. We are always exposed to the toxins surrounding us (environmental toxins). Toxins are found in the simplest daily routines we follow like the water we drink is not safe. The food we eat is not grown without chemical fertilizers.

Even the air we breathe has many pollutants that can harm us. Our lymphatic system, kidneys, and liver help us by biologically removing all the harmful wastes from our bodies. Our body is not designed to deal will all the growing and new types of toxins, so we need external help to get rid of them once in a while to stay healthy and active.

We should detoxify the body before there is a toxin overload in the body. It damages the system and such damages are mostly irreversible too.

In the age of modern technology and upgraded medical facilities, we cannot rely on medicines for detoxification, as we cannot afford to face the after-effects which can be dangerous too. Ayurveda is the natural science that can help us with perfect detoxification methods that have zero side effects.

Ancient science uses all-natural ingredients from organic sources in the right quantities and gives us a great concoction that not only has great medicinal values but is very beneficial for our health.

How To Remove Toxins From Body In Ayurveda- Home Remedies

Focus On Quality Sleep – A proper night’s sleep can work wonders on the human body. It not only supports health but also aids in proper detoxification. Sleeping allows the body to recharge and reorganize, and in getting rid of harmful toxins.

Water-Water does a lot more than quenching your thirst. It not only keeps the body temperature in check, but it also improves digestion, aids in joint lubrication, and helps with the absorption of nutrients. Having adequate amounts of water can help your body get rid of those harmful toxins via urination and sweating.

Reduce Sugar Intake – Processed foods and beverages that are filled with sugars are one of the main causes of illness these days. Intake of foods that are high in sugar causes obesity which in turn reduces the ability of the human body to get rid of toxins and waste. So, make sure to consume less sugar and junk food and keep the detoxification system of your body healthy.

Follow An Anti-Oxidant-Rich Diet – Anti-oxidants protect the body against the damage caused by free radicals. Foods that are rich in anti-oxidants aid in fighting stress caused by free radicals and reduce the risk of any diseases.

Prebiotics – Gut health is important for the overall well-being of a person. The health of the gut can be improved by intake of Prebiotics, which in simple terms are good bacteria. By keeping your gut healthy, you can keep both the immune and detoxification systems healthy.

Exercise-The benefits of regular exercise are many. Regular exercise not only keeps the blood pressure in check but also reduces inflammation if any. By reducing the inflammation of the body, you can keep all the body systems fit and fine.

Now, the answer is clear how to remove toxins from body in Ayurveda using home remedies.

Snehana -Ayurvedic Answer For Detoxification

Snehana therapy or Oleation therapy is an enjoyable and stress-free practice that not only relieves you from toxins but also rejuvenates your senses. The massage can be carried out by a single therapist or two therapists who can work in sync. This massage therapy is a series of treatments done in a particular order to get the best results. It is also an instant stress release option if you have a lot of mental stress. This therapy is a perfect answer for those people who are curious to know how to remove toxins from body in ayurveda.

Oleation or snehana therapy plays a vital role if one wants to get a specialized panchakarma treatment done. The therapy involves the application and consumption of ghee, medicated oils, and herbs for three to seven days according to the patient’s health condition. The therapy helps loosen toxins and doshas in the body.

Snehana therapy is having two primary variations- Bahya snehana and abhyantara snehana

In abhyantara snehana or Oleation therapy, the patient is given herbal preparation to consume regularly in a planned time frame. In bahya snehana medicated oil is applied to the area affected by the disease. Both are aimed to remove toxins from the body.

The Abhyanga snehana is a therapy that involves the application of medicated oil all over the body. The oil is washed away with special bath powder and shampoo.

This is an ayurvedic process that is passed on from many generations to keep skin and hair healthy.

The Abhyanga snehana, if followed regularly, helps fight disease by boosting the immune system. This treatment is mostly recommended for patients who have skin and hair-related issues.

Benefits Of This Age-Old Ayurvedic Magic

  • The anti-stress treatment deeply relaxes the nervous system.
  • The massage done in rhythm will relieve all that muscle strain you attain leading a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Relieves and softens the deep tissue strains and helps balance the body and mind in this process.
  • Allows an individual to rejuvenate and get back to daily life being a better and healthy person.

Snehana is also a part of a major ayurvedic treatment called panchakarma. Oleation therapy not only helps us detoxify our body but also helps in cleansing our minds. The aroma from the herbs when inhaled will give you a sense of relief and helps you release happy hormones.

Such ayurvedic therapies are a need of the hour to the present generation where gadgets are taking over relation with thyself. Hope you get your answer on how to remove toxins from body in Ayurveda.