Diet After Panchakarma Treatment- Ayurveda is a transcendental system that serves as a treasure trove of protocols that strive to contribute to our holistic development. It is not merely a medicine methodology but a way of life that transcends the conventional views of life and views human bodies scientifically and naturally. As the mother of all medicines, it serves as a unique blend of philosophy and empirical sciences. The ayurvedic Panchakarma benefits the human body in the most effective ways.

What is Panchakarma therapy?

Panchakarma therapy is one of the most ideal treatments in Ayurveda. Through ancient Ayurveda principles, the therapy endeavors to preserve the wellness of your body and restore its functionality lost in aging. If you have profound chronic medical conditions or mental health conditions, such as stress and anxiety, the Panchakarma retreat is best for you.

The Pancha in the name means five and represents the 5 processes involved in the treatment. They are Basti, Nasya, Vamana, Virechana and

Raktamokshana. Let us see these processes in detail.


Panchakarma treatment has the following therapies:

  • Basti: The therapy involves full body massage, including neck, face, and abdomen, alongside the back with herbal oils. The messages send you in an ecstatic state.
  • Vamana: It focuses on the removal of toxins through inducing therapeutic vomiting via a natural laxative like ghee.
  • Nasya: Also known as nasal stem therapy, this Panchakarma retreat revolves around the nasal area. The involved remedies clear your nasal channel and improve conditions like the sinus.
  • Virechana: The therapy benefits those suffering from constipation since it involves methods of improving their metabolism.
  • Raktamokshana: It aims to detoxify the blood. The therapy is no longer in use.

Now let us now have a look at how Ayurvedic Panchakarma benefits us.

What are the benefits of the treatment?

A few benefits of Panchakarma Treatment are:

  • The treatment is often popularized as the Panchakarma weight loss program since it has proven efficacy in facilitating weight loss.
  • The remedies contribute to the holistic growth of your body and detoxify it of all the toxins.
  • The program is instrumental in alleviating stress and related mental health issues.
  • The Panchakarma diet plan is effective in creating a state of balance in your body. It boosts your immunity levels exponentially.

Diet after Panchakarma Treatment

Following the treatment, the digestive system becomes very delicate. Thus, the diet needs to be extremely light. The Post Panchakarma diet plan involves a gradual shift from light to regular heavy food.

Firstly (Diet after Panchakarma Treatment), the patient is examined and observed to establish the amount of detoxification that took place. This is followed by a carefully prepared course of nutrition that initially involves a liquid diet of soups and rice gruel. Later, a smooth transition is made to a heavy diet after the maintenance of a semi-solid diet.

The Diet after Panchakarma Treatment is prepared while keeping in mind your other bodily conditions, such as arthritis.

Additional Treatments

If the Panchakarma weight loss program incurred your attention or helped you bring out fruitful changes in your life. You are sure to like the other treatments offered at Shadanga’s wellness center in Gurgaon. Some of these treatment programs will be discussed in detail below:-


  • Detoxification: Our bodies produce toxins regularly irrespective of the quality of our lifestyle or diet. Therefore, it is imperative to conduct periodic detoxification of our mind and body. Detoxification through Ayurveda can help alleviate stress and not just purify your body from all the toxic matter. The therapy throughout the treatment promises to give you an ineffable experience that would bring you longevity.


  • Pain Management: Chronic pain is widespread among humans in the contemporary world owing to the depleting lifestyle and toxic climate change. Through the Pain management therapy at our wellness center in Gurgaon, we focus on mitigating both the physical and mental pain of the patient alongside imbibing qualities propitious for the regulation of the pain. Our methodology centers on self-efficacy, i.e., the ability of a person to make the environment and resources in their favor. Therefore, we strengthen the core capacity of your brain while simultaneously inducing a balance in the nervous system of the body.


  • Rejuvenation: Rejuvenation biologically deals with reverting changes brought by the process of aging. During rejuvenation therapy, the patient reaps the benefits of Panchakarma and Rasayana chikitsa. The former purifies your body while the latter restore the vigor of youth. We aim to saturate your spirits with energy and life to make you feel positive and more alive. Your immune system strengthens while the quality of your skin drastically improves at the end of the therapy.
  • Weight Management: As the name suggests, the treatment focuses on regulating the participant’s weight to optimum levels for a salubrious life. We devise naturalistic ways to lose weight, unlike the conventional methods that use harmful compounds to temporarily achieve the goal. We make efforts to make you feel good inside your body through a holistic approach, including diet plans, detox therapies, massages, etc. The treatment includes creating a balance in your digestive system to facilitate weight changes that prevent obesity or underweight. Lastly, the treatment boosts your vitality and immunity profoundly.

The benefits of Panchakarma and other Ayurveda treatments are endless. They all have a wide application within our lives. What adds to them is the absence of side effects. Thus, you can carry out your healing journey in peace. Shadanga values your health and takes full responsibility for ensuring your safety throughout treatments.

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