Types of Panchakarma treatment – Ayurvedic detoxification of the body, mind, and soul. Panchakarma means five therapies in Sanskrit. It is an exhaustive and an immersive treatment wherein one would be expected to stay at a Panchakarma facility for about 5-21 days. This is how the treatment cycle operates. These five therapies can act as effective cleansing or detoxification processes clearing the toxins on every square-inch of your body.

The oil massages and therapies, which form a part of panchakarma, can help you get rid of body pain, fatigue, and other ailments. As per Kerala Ayurveda Gurgaon, these treatments form an integral part of Ayurvedic medicine to heal diseases or bodily ailments. The imbalanced body is layered up with oil. This way, the body lathers up the innate balance it needs.

In this blog, you will be having a look into how these treatments are carried forward. You will also learn about the five different types of Panchakarma therapies that are offered.

Types of Panchakarma Treatment

The five therapies we will be learning about are,

  • Basti
  • Nasya
  • Vamana
  • Virechana and
  • Rakthamokshana

Let us understand how each of these treatments is typically carried out at a Panchakarma facility or an ayurvedic treatment center in Gurgaon.


Basti refers to herbal oil massages. Sesame oil or mustard oil is typically heated up. You will be given complete body massages. It covers your abdomen, back muscles, neck, hands, feet, and your cheeks. The body messages are given to you from head to toe. You can feel a complete sense of relaxation and bliss. You will also be given a head massage. You can shampoo your hair using natural essences or herbal shampoos.


For those of you who have a chronic sinus problem or complete blockage of nose, you can get your nasal area cleared up. This treatment may not be as relaxing as a body massage. The oils are squirted up into your nose. The pungent herbal oils are put into your nasal area. The oils are gently rubbed against your nostrils.

When the oils penetrate your nasal area, you may feel a little suffocated. You may keep sneezing all the while. But that is how the oils clear your nasal infections. The phlegm clears up in the process. So Nasya is meant for those of you who have running noses, sinus trouble, pertinent cough, etc. The nasal stem therapy or the Nasya can also clear breathing irregularities. Asthma patients can also get a welcome relief with Nasya.


Vamana refers to therapeutic vomiting. This way, those toxic acids of the body are let out. You will be asked to drink gingelly oil or ghee on an empty stomach. You will tend to puke. This way, the body gets rid of intestinal worms or acidic substances, culminating in your body. Vamana is not practiced in modern days. But oil cleansing procedures can be performed at home so that the stomach and intestines get cleaned out.


Virechana refers to purgation. This Ayurvedic treatment is beneficial to those of you who are suffering from constipation. You will be given a special kind of food that helps the stools come out. The high dietary food and juices will re-hydrate your body. The hardened stools get loosened. The stools stagnating near the colon, rectum, or anus also get pushed out of the body. So, the purgation process is also instrumental in cleansing your intestines from your stools. Only if your metabolism improves, you will be able to enhance your appetite. Thereby, you can lead a healthier and more agile life.


Rakthamokshana refers to letting out of the blood. The detoxification process aims at cleansing the blood of its toxin elements or impurities. Rakthamokshana is the most aggressive form of Panchakarma. The practice is however not followed in modern days.

Now that we know about the types of Panchakarma treatments let us now have a look at some of the enhanced benefits of Panchakarma.

Exclusive Benefits of Panchakarma – Types of Panchakarma Treatment

In today’s modern world, you must be so addicted to the fast-food concept. You tend to binge on fries, sodas, burgers, saturated red meat, etc. These are highly processed foods laden with cholesterol. The fatty substances or cholesterol gets into your heart muscles. In other words, these are arteries that carry blood to your heart muscles. Heart-attacks or cardiac arrests among 23-YO isn’t uncommon these days. Hence, we need to get back to our roots. Helping you understand the benefits of the same:

  • By the inside-out cleansing process facilitated via Panchakarma, you get the toxins cleared up from your entire body.
  • Your digestive system gets its natural healing done.
  • You can experience an enhanced degree of immunity. In other words, your body’s metabolism gets back to its hale and healthy self. Your body ailments get cured on their own. You feel energetic all through the day.
  • Your stress levels diminish. You get a better outlook towards concentrating on the present.
  • You can lose your weight. Powerful body massages can stimulate blood evenly to all parts of the body. This way, when your blood circulation improves, your health automatically improves. Cholesterol gets broken down. Your excessive weight vanishes
  • Your skin can glow. Powerful panchakarma processes also provide you with an anti-aging phenomenon. In other words, you look much younger than your age.
  • You can experience a deep sense of relaxation via Ayurvedic oil massages. The Panchakarma facility asks you to switch off your mobile phones, TVs, smartphones, etc. This way, you get an enhanced degree of mindfulness. You channelize your activities aiming at the present.

Having seen some of the exclusive benefits of Panchakarma, we move on to the third part of our segment.

Pre- Panchakarma

You will be provided with an exfoliation treatment just before the onset of the actual one. This way, your body preps up to take in the extensive treatment. The process is also known as operation. The body is oiled up from within your gut. You must only eat cooked lentils and vegetable salads a week before the commencement of the Ayurveda treatment. You are recommended to have castor oil or ghee to loosen up the bowel movements.

You must also avoid excessive travel, consumption of non-vegetarian food, or drinking of alcohol. This way, the cleansing process can become more effective.

Now that we have learned about the types of Panchakarma treatments and their benefits, it is time you visit a panchakarma treatment in Gurgaon and book an appointment for the same.

Shadanga, an ayurvedic wellness clinic in Gurgaon helps you discover your constitution as per Ayurveda. You can take benefit of an individualized treatment plan, enhancing the wellness of your body, mind and the harmony of your soul. Visit today to promote dosha balance in your body, and to feel healthier- both physically and mentally. So these are the types of Panchakarma treatment.

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