Shadanga Kaphohith Massage Oil Balances Kapa Dosha Energies Body Helps in Removing Fatigue Enriched with Oils like Clove Ginger Orange Eucalyptus 100ML

Rs. 400.00

Therapeutic benefits:
1. Balances kapha dosha.
2. Removes fatigue and energizing.
3. Helps in mobilizing underneath skin fat & cellulite.

Usage: For external application.

Key Ingredients: Clove oil, Zinger oil, Menthol, Camphor, Orange oil, Eucalyptus oil, Olive oil.

SADANGA KAPHOHITH MASSAGE OIL - This Ayurvedic massage oil is specifically formulated to balance the Kapha dosha and alleviate fatigue. Its energizing properties aid in the elimination of trapped fat and cellulite beneath the skin.