Astha By Shadanga- An Integrated Ayurvedic Wellness Centre

Integrated Ayurvedic Wellness Centre – Recently, The Times published an article about a group of IIT Delhi and Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya who had experimented with yoga and Ayurveda on several severe covid-19 patients. All the patients selected for the study were above the age of 60 and were suffering from chronic diseases like hypertension, heart disease, kidney disorders and diabetes. More than half the patients selected had started to show signs of recovery within the first five days.

You can understand the advantages of yoga and Ayurveda from the above paragraph. To stay healthy for a long time without consuming medicines, change the lifestyle by incorporating Ayurvedic principles and adopting Yoga as one of the daily regimens.

What is Shadanga Kerala Ayurvedic Wellness?

Astha by Shadanga is an integrated AYURVEDA & YOGA health sanctuary that provides Ayurvedic & Yogic intervention for treating life style disorders, degenerating conditions and rehabilitation services along with Stress Management, Pain Management, Weight Management, Kerala Panchakarma and Detox programs. Shadanga also offers Authentic Kerala Ayurveda treatment for common chronic health disorders, as mentioned earlier. This Ayurveda treatment uses herbal remedies from Clinical Ayurveda, which is the essence of Kerala’s Ayurveda.

This holistic wellness center strongly emphasizes the Kerala Panchakarma scientific procedures of Ayurveda, which offers comprehensive treatment and removes the underlying cause of the disease. Shadanga offers numerous Ayurvedic and yogic treatments based on the scientific protocols mentioned in Classical Ayurvedic Texts which focuses on balancing the Tri-Doshas (Vata, Pita & Kapha) and eliminating Ama (Bio-toxins) from the body.

Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment

Shadanga provides the Panchakarma treatment that uses the most cutting-edge technology and genuine Ayurvedic herbal preparations and medication to maintain and restore your health. The Panchakarma procedures are integrated with several yoga therapies that support self-care and help fully restore the bodily and mental equilibrium.

The Panchakarma treatment consists of several comprehensive therapies that help you to handle anxiety, stress, tension and many other persistent problems for serious clinical conditions or when you need mind and body rejuvenation. It also helps to release toxins from your body.


According to Ayurveda, it is crucial to understand the root cause of the disease before treating it. Most of the time, diseases are caused due to toxin imbalance. Therefore, detoxification is very important for a healthy body. Shadanga offers three stages of treatment-Purva Karma, Pradhana Karma, and Paschat Karma.

The first stage of the treatment is the Purva Karma, which includes Ayurvedic therapies and body massage with Ayurvedic medicines and oils. The second stage is Pradhana Karma, which involves the Panchakarma therapies to treat or eliminate toxins from the body. The last stage is the Paschat Karma which helps to re-establish and restore your body’s health.


The Shadanga corporate wellness programs also provide you with Rasayana Chikitsa, also known as rejuvenation therapy. This therapy helps strengthen body tissues, increases immunity, improves focus & memory, tones the skin, and promotes lifespan. The rejuvenation therapies include Naturopathic treatments and Ayurvedic massages using various herbal oils, creams and lotions.

Administering these herbal medications depending on your imbalance (Dosha) is one of the many rejuvenation methods. The rejuvenation treatment procedure also includes weight management and slimming treatments.

Overweight treatment

With the Ayurvedic doctor’s consultation, Shadanga provides weight-loss treatment based on the age-old sciences of Panchakarma and Ayurveda. After a precise diagnosis, you are provided with a natural treatment therapy strategy.

Several reasons contribute to underweight or overweight circumstances. At first, you go through detoxification in an Ayurveda way. Then the professionals at Shadanga provide you with an Ayurvedic diet to maintain your ideal weight.

Pain relief treatment

For centuries, people have depended on Panchakarma and Ayurveda for pain relief. One of the most para-surgical methods of pain relief in the Ayurveda course is the Agnikarma. This procedure uses direct heat to treat pain. If you are suffering from joint pain, spondylosis, frozen shoulders or spasmodic pain, then Agnikarma is effective. This method also helps to treat corns, calluses, piles, etc.

Ayurvedic physiotherapy also includes Lepa, Rakta Mokshana, and Bandhanam. Lepa includes the application of herbal pastes over painful areas in your body. The Rakta Mokshana is an advanced treatment with the help of an Ayurvedic doctor. Bandhanam is used to treat dislocated joints in your body through Ayurvedic herbs.

The Yoga Studio – Astha by Shadanga

One of the beautifully placed Yoga Studios of Gurgaon, which facing the beautiful Astha Park & Garden, offers several Yoga courses and Yoga Classes. Shadanga provides various Diploma programs in Yoga and Ayurveda and offers corporate training programs as well. The Hatha style is practiced slowly with a focus on your breathing. You undergo various stretching during yoga that helps to strengthen your body. Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Core Yoga, Power Yoga and Aerial Yoga programs are available with Pranayama (Breathing Techniques) and Meditation. Shadanga corporate yoga training center has trained and certified professionals who provide the best Ayurvedic therapy for all sorts of problems.


As mentioned in the Times article, yoga and Ayurveda truly helped treat patients suffering from chronic diseases. Shadanga has made it easier for you with its Ayurveda certificate and training programs. The trained officials provide various Ayurveda and yoga treatments that will help you recover from several diseases within a short period. The treatments are all customized, so you get the best out of them. They also hold teacher training sessions in Ayurveda & Yoga.