Astha by Shadanga Ayurveda is a true holistic wellness center with an integrated approach of Ayurveda, Kerala Panchakarma, Yoga Therapy, Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Diet to attend a wide spectrum of health & wellness needs, headed by internationally reputed Ayurveda & Yoga faculties. The renovated & revamped Astha Yoga Studio & Meditation Center will change every aspect of your lifestyle through Ayurveda and holistic wellness therapy which helps in changing behavior, developing habits, and self-awareness. The Integrated approach of Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy provides effective solutions for degenerative conditions like arthritis, inflammatory conditions like rheumatism and lifestyle disorders like Diabetes, Obesity & Hormonal imbalance.


Astha by Shadanga – ‘A Temple of Healing’

The well-crafted Yoga programs at Astha provides real yogic experience through the harmony & balance of mind-body-emotional spheres and provide deep relaxation & physical health. If you are searching for solutions to manage Stress, Anxiety, Weight Management, Pain management, Hormonal issues, respiratory issues or low energy levels, Astha Yoga Studio is a one-stop destination for the same. Apart from this Astha by Shadanga Ayurveda offers a wide range of Yoga & Ayurveda courses & certificate programs and customized programs as per individual needs.

What is holistic wellness?

Holistic wellness is a perspective on health to aware people to take care of their well-being by themselves rather than relying solely on other medical structures. Holistic wellness tries to involve us to look at the health of mind, body as well as spirit to ensure well-being. Emotional well-being, social well-being, family and work-life balance are another aspect of holistic wellness.

It is different from other treatment procedures as holistic wellness approaches to make a lifestyle with a deeper understanding of “self”.

Why is holistic wellness important?

Holistic wellness can be important as it helps individuals to conceptualize their illness by looking at their lifestyle and to implement changes to reverse the same. Once you achieve holistic wellness it will help you in self-regulation as well as decision making and above all to achieve ‘mindfulness’ in our all activities.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a healing system practiced in India since about 5000 years ago. Ayurveda believes that every person is born with “Prakruti”, which should be maintained as it is the core of the healing system provided by Ayurveda. But in this world, it is really difficult for one to balance their life. This imbalance is known as “vikruti” which is the major cause of disease as well as ill health. With the help of Ayurveda, you can correct the imbalance in your life.

Why is Ayurveda important?

Ayurveda is important as it helps in preventing a stressful and ill life and helps to understand life in a better way resulting in a disease-free and long life. With the help of ayurvedic treatments, you can create changes in your lifestyle, and diet and thus reduce stress.

How are holistic wellness and Ayurveda related?

Holistic wellness as well as Ayurveda provides the guidance to look towards oneself. It is the only science which can make you understand the real YOU. Both holistic wellness and Ayurveda teach you to make the choices of your life which will create awareness within yourself to lead a life of perfect health by creating balance in your life.

What is a holistic ayurvedic wellness center?

A holistic ayurvedic wellness center is a place which provides you with complete body, mind, and health maintenance. It will also give you the complete knowledge of food, herbs, exercises, meditation etc. it will help you to achieve life goals and experience the ultimate happiness.

Benefits of the holistic ayurvedic wellness center

Ayurveda means ‘the science of life in Sanskrit. It treats an individual’s whole body. The benefits of a holistic ayurvedic wellness center are:

  • Treating the whole body– Holistic ayurvedic wellness center treats your whole body. They focus on the mind, body, as well as soul to prevent illness and to teach you to have a healthy life.
  • Cures the root problem– They not only focuses on the symptoms but also provide cure to the root causes to ensure complete healing.
  • Helps you in understanding yourself– The center doesn’t provide only diet or exercise. They ensure that you understand yourself fully. They also ensure that you love yourself. They help you in understanding your mental, physical as well as emotional qualities.
  • Focus on prevention and cure– They believe in “Prevention is better than cure”. So, they give importance to controlling and balancing health. They also make sure that once cured diseases don’t reoccur.
  • Not only focus on herbs– The center doesn’t only focus on herbs but provides other treatment methods according to your problems and treatments.
  • A lifestyle– A holistic ayurvedic wellness center teaches you the importance of Ayurveda and how to incorporate it into your lifestyle. They make sure to involve Ayurveda in your diet, daily routine, physical exercise and also mental well-being.
  • Cost-effective– The center makes sure to provide cost-effective treatments so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of it.
  • No side effects- The best thing about the treatment provided by a holistic ayurvedic wellness center is it is free from any side effects. They ensure effective and chemical-free healing procedures.



Treatments provided by the holistic Ayurvedic wellness center

Ayurvedic treatment makes sure to find the root causes of any disease and total eradication of the disease. Some treatments provided by the holistic ayurvedic wellness center are:

  • Panchakarma- It is one of the oldest forms of treatment which is used for detoxing, rejuvenating as well as purifying the body. It is done with close observation and supervision as a different person has a different order of mind.
  • Detoxification– Detoxification means helping your body to clean, as our body produces toxins every day, and to create energy so that you can feel energetic throughout the year.
  • Pain Management– With the help of ayurvedic techniques and massages like Abhyanga Massage, Patra Pinda Sweda, Mardana with Sweda and more can help in reducing pain.
  • Rejuvenation– Rejuvenation therapy helps in revitalizing the human body. It also helps in regaining and maintaining health. It helps you in feeling positive and active.
  • Weight management– The ayurvedic wellness center provides a safe and effective way to lose weight. They provide varieties of diets, massages, and treatments to lose weight in a very natural way.
  • Yoga Therapy – customized yoga therapies for different ailments
  • Naturopathy – a drug free approach to healthcare by employing different natural treatment modalities like hydrotherapy & mud therapy
  • Ayurvedic Diet – Wholesome diet plan based on tri-doshas and body constitution or PRAKRITI


If you are feeling imbalanced in your life because of anxiety, depression, fatigue or any other kind of health issues then a holistic ayurvedic wellness center will be the best place to help you to take your life back on track.

There can be various wellness center in Gurgaon that can offer you a holistic approach to making better your life. But, the best one is Shadanga Ayurvedic Center in Gurgaon. The holistic approaches mixed with Ayurveda can make your life better in so many ways. Shadanga’s health experts can help you in making your life content and blissful by providing a range of treatments.

Ayurveda provides art to live and Shadanga Ayurvedic Center helps you achieve it.