Ayurvedic Treatment For Cold: Winters and cold go hand in hand, add to it a pandemic running simultaneously and you will see just about everyone dealing with a cold. One can opt to eat numerous medicines which will, in turn, take a toll on the pockets of the person, however, here comes Ayurveda treatment which has long been a simple and cheap method of treating many ailments.

Ayurveda has been around for long enough; the treatment uses simple and oldest known ways of healing ailments ranging from a simple cough to bone issues and what not by the Hindu prescribed way. Dealing with herbs possessing medicinal value, yoga asanas, and other such means, ayurvedic treatment for cold, body ache and other ailments can easily be achieved with minimal fuss and no burden on the pocket.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Cold and Running Nose

The list of Ayurveda treatments is incomplete without the empress of medicinal plants, Tulsi. Take a Tulsi leaf or two and make tea using it, chew it, or even boil in water with lemon and sugar and the medicinal value will still be there helping one cure their cold. The leaves will additionally also help boost the body’s immunity and provide various other benefits to the person taking them.

Other than Tulsi, one can also turn to Cinnamon, Turmeric powder, Honey and Ginger, and other such items that possess immense medicinal value. Not only do these items possess high medicinal value but have other benefits as well, which range from adding taste to food, dealing with skin problems like acne, and also helping one cut on weight.

Ayurvedic medicine for cold and throat infection include some of the best and most effective medicine for home treatment. Made by incorporating the items mentioned above, the Ayurveda medicines date to times unknown. Having been present in the history books Ayurveda treatment has found its way to every nook and corner of the world. Villages in India to date rely heavily on Ayurveda medicine and treatments.

Old people swear by it and a cult following is very common for a lot of people who have preferred to be treated using the Ayurveda methods. Even today any issue like a throat blockage is treated by eating a honey or ginger toffee, adding ginger to the tea is a very common practice in keeping the cold away and fine-tuning the throat. Eating honey on an empty stomach or with dry fruits is encouraged as it makes one healthy and keeps several diseases at bay.

Ginger and honey, Turmeric powder, Aniseeds, Mustard oil, and various other substances can be used as ayurvedic medicine for allergic cough and cold. A honey and turmeric powder combination is recommended for treating an allergic cough, other than that Mulethi, also known as Licorice, can treat other throat-related problems plaguing the person.

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Common Cold Home Remedies | Ayurvedic Treatment For Cold

  • Tulsi

One can simply eat Tulsi leaves, add a few of them to their tea, boil the leaves in water with lemon and ginger and the medicinal plant will run its magic on them. It is the best Ayurvedic Treatment For Cold that one can turn to.

  • Honey

Though it is known for its sweetness, honey also has medicinal value to it. Honey Syrup is known to effectively cure cough and cold. Honey and ginger juice is one of the most well-known home remedy methods to fight the cold and honey also soothes the throat of any trouble that it may be dealing with.

  • Cinnamon

Just like honey, cinnamon not only helps deal with a cough but also is useful with throat troubles. Cinnamon tea is one great home remedy to rid a person of the cold other than that mixing up cinnamon powder and honey also acts as a medicine against cold and relieves the throat troubles if any.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Running Nose

Ayurvedic Treatment For Running Nose

  • Steam

Taking steam has become a common occurrence during corona times, however, it has for long been one of the most common ways to deal with a runny nose. Adding eucalyptus oil, mustard oil, or any other such substance that has medicinal value is further helpful in dealing with the leaky nose.

  • Honey and ginger

Just like it helps deal with the common cold, honey and ginger form an effective pairing against a leaky nose as well. The juice of honey and ginger can kill two birds with one stone. Honey poured in lukewarm water is also one way to deal with a running nose.

  • Turmeric

Drink it with milk, pour it into your tea, or prepare turmeric steam mixed with other medicinal substances like mustard oil and inhale it. Turmeric is known to have medicinal value and all the above methods bring out its medicinal use to the forefront. Thus, turmeric makes for a great ayurvedic remedy for a runny nose.

Final Overview

There is no doubt how Ayurveda has been ever-present as a reliable means of treatment no matter how many generations have gone by. Kerala’s Shadanga boasts of great expertise in the subject and would be more than willing to help people learn it better.

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