Ayurveda, most scientific & first organized system of medicine in world, is unique in that it tackles issues relating to a person’s physical, mental & emotional health. Shadanga takes a therapeutic strategy to Ayurveda and views it as a methodology that assists them in living a disease-free life.

Shadanga Ayurvedic panchakarma center is the most advanced when it comes to treating patients with Kerala-Ayurveda. The faculties at Shadanga are well-experienced experts in Ayurveda and the clinic has an inventory of multi-brand Ayurvedic medicines/products and also, specialized equipment for administering Panchakarma treatments which altogether enhances the efficiency of clinical practice of Ayurveda. However, in the light of the Covid 19 pandemic, we are offering Ayurvedic Treatments at home for patients who are unable to attend our clinic. These home treatments are particularly inclined towards our senior citizens and those who have restricted mobility due to health issues like paralysis.

Home delivery of Ayurvedic treatments for Senior Citizens & Disabled

We understand the difficulties faced by Senior citizens and homebound patients who are missing their prescribed Ayurvedic treatment sessions due to Covid-19 lock-down & movement restrictions.

We extend our full-hearted support as per the requests we have received, by providing “Home-Clinic-Treatment” services to deliver quality Ayurvedic Therapies at home by abiding all Covid-19 protocols. The services are delivered by qualified Ayurveda Therapists and supervised by an Ayurvedic Physician. Currently, this facility is available for Gurgaon & Delhi-NCR.

Shadanga focuses on Ayurvedic Panchakarma Procedures, which provide a permanent cure by removing the disease’s core reason via the use of advanced Kerala Panchakarma procedures. Our team offers home treatment sessions to old-age related chronic issues like Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Rheumatism & Spinal Issues; also, for the health conditions in which mobility is restricted like Paralysis (Hemiplegia/Paraplegia), Gonarthrosis, Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinsonism.

Our team delivers the treatment with specially designed equipment’s & apparatus which are portable & movable for home service delivery and with all required devices such as heating apparatus and necessary disposables that are needed for the session. Our devices are fully sanitized and therapists follows Covid protocols to ensure full safety of our patients.

Home Treatment Services Offered by Shadanga

Ayurvedic Treatments at Home for Senior Citizens, Disabled & Bed-ridden patients are offered as a support system during Covid-19 pandemic during which lockdowns & travel restrictions are quite often; also, we don’t want the vulnerable segment of our population is exposed to outside environment until things are stabilized in outside world. Also, during winter months of high pollution in Delhi-NCR may make more damage to health than covid.

The services we offer are

  • Ayurvedic Panchakarma: Panchakarma, Ayurveda’s most widely used and successful detox procedure, uses herbal remedies and medicinal oils to not only remove toxins from the body but to bring back youthful energy.


Panchakarma is a form of treatment that combines medicinal oil massaging, an ayurvedic dietary plan, ayurvedic powders, steaming, and other techniques. For years, the procedure has been used in Kerala and also other regions of the planet.

The five techniques used in Panchakarma therapy are used to remove pollutants from the body. The procedure detoxifies the system while also assisting in the equilibrium of the three doshas.


  • Ayurvedic Therapeutic Massage Therapy: Various types of medicated oil massages like Abhyanga, Pinda sweda, Patrapotala sweda & Pizhichil that has a range of health benefits. It truly distinguishes itself from other massages due to its holistic approach & health benefits. Ayurvedic massages come in a variety of forms, but Kerala massage is the most well-known and beneficial. For example, Ayurvedic massaging can help to alleviate anxiety, as well as high blood pressure. This is a health benefit that individuals can exploit to their advantage or even patients with chronic low back pain can benefit from daily ayurvedic massage treatments.


  • Ayurvedic Diet: We are helping our patients with the best Ayurvedic diet for quick and full recovery from several health issues. Even when we are offering home services, we plan a relevant Ayurvedic diet for our patients so that they eat healthy at home.

Dosha is a combination of three distinct energies (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) considered to flow in the body and influence physiological responses, in Ayurvedic medicine. The doshas influence a person’s personality and physiological makeup. It also leads to a person’s acute and chronic conditions.

As per Ayurveda, each person must eat relative to his or her dosha to achieve a balance between the 3 sources of energy. Organic factors are connected to these energies. Vata is the moving element that is associated with space and air. Pitta is the metabolic energy that is associated with fire and water. Kapha is indeed the earth and water-related energy of the body’s constitution. Nevertheless, there seems to be little scientific research on dosha-based diets, so the religious faith plays a big impact on how well you adjust to them.


  • Marma Therapy: Marma points are the places where 2 or more types of bodily tissues come together and all tri-doshas may come into play. Ayurveda recognizes 107 marma points in the human body and underlines the significance of such locations by stating that any injury to the marma points increases the chances of mortality or major bodily harm.

Critical energies are constantly radiated from such points. If there is an obstruction in the way, though, the body’s functionality becomes unbalanced.

By providing physiological as well as mental tranquillity, Ayurvedic Marma therapy relieves obstructions in the critical energy-releasing pathways termed as soothes and aids in the healing of neurological illnesses, immobility, arthritis, and a variety of certain other health issues.


  • Yoga and Ayurveda: Yoga is an important aspect of the Ayurvedic lifestyle. It is a proponent of the same notion as Ayurveda, which focuses on mending the body through a biological process using organic elements. Ayurveda is renowned for naturally detoxifying the body. Whereas many people ask the same question, the solution is straightforward. We ensure that our patients practice Yoga on a regular basis for a healthy body and mind.


The secret to detoxing your body system, according to Ayurveda, is to take breaks from your daily routine. Small steps like fasting for a day every other week or two, doing Yoga, eating less processed food, drinking warm water or water from clay pots, and so on can help.


Yoga encourages a modest but healthy lifestyle. It asserts that all of the body’s strength is dependent on respiration and the connection of body and spirit. It doesn’t matter if your stances aren’t flawless; what counts is the efforts you’re taking. This is all about the steady evolution of ideas.


  • Ayurvedic Pharmacology: Ayurveda emphasizes prevention over cure. Its main purpose is to keep the illness from manifesting in the organism. This is accomplished through the use of organic therapeutic procedures and the observation of the body’s natural patterns.


Herbal plants play a significant role in Ayurveda. Many of these substances have been utilized priorly and are still used today. Shadanga uses Ayurvedic Classical medicines & proprietary products while treating the patient which will be selected as per patient’s past medical history, present health status & body constitution after consultation with the Ayurvedic Medical practitioner.


  • Pulse Diagnosis: Every Ayurveda treatment method, such as the Ayurvedic diet, is tailored to the individual’s physical and mental demands. An appointment with Shadanga begins with a pulse diagnostic and we check all the necessary vitals of the patients. This helps in better diagnosis of the ailment.


Shadanga recognized & awarded as best Ayurvedic-HealthTech in Delhi-NCR

Shadanga is a leading Ayurvedic facility that has been recognized as the best Ayurveda company in Delhi- NCR by Startup City Magazine. Our Founder and Medical Director, Dr. Archana Linto has recently been awarded as one among the 10 best women entrepreneurs of Delhi NCR. Also, Shadanga Health Tech has been awarded as one among the 10 Promising startups of Delhi NCR by Start-Up City Magazine & Silicon India by considering its efforts & technology adoption in delivering Ayurvedic Treatments during Covid-19 pandemic time. During the first wave & second wave of COVID-19 Pandemic, availability of Ayurvedic Clinical services was very less & inaccessible in Delhi-NCR but medical resources at Shadanga were continuously working by delivering medical consultations & counseling by online modes, medicines delivery at home and delivering treatments at home for senior citizens & disabled so that with our humble efforts we were trying to make a positive change in people’s life using our traditional medicine Ayurveda, to heal, to enhance the immunity and to achieve mental & emotional balance during a unprecedented emergency situation.

Awarded as one among the Top-10 Promising Startups of 2021 by Start-Up City Magazine, Silicon India.

Dr. Archana Linto: Women Enterpreneur of the year 2021 | Startup City Magazine Winners 2021