Shadanga Pitohith Massage Oil | Helps in Skin Conditioning and Balances Pita Dosha | Enriched with Herbs like Gotukola ,Giloy, Hibiscus, Rose Oil

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Shadanga Pitohith Massage Oil

Therapeutic benefits:
1 Balances pita dosha.
2 Cooling & soothing massage oil.
3 Skin conditioning & nourishing.

Usage: For external application.

Key Ingredients: Gotukola, Giloy, Hibiscus, Manjistha, Rose, Shatavari, Coconut oil.

Do you have pita dosha? Well, there is no need to worry as the Pitohith Pita Massage Oil can help in balancing it. The Pitohith Pita Massage Oil is an ayurvedic cooling and soothing massage oil which helps those with pita dosha and also helps with skin conditioning and nourishing