Shadanga Baby Massage Oil - Nourish & Lubricate Skin, Improve Muscle & Blood Circulation, Promote Sleep | External Use with Key Ingredients: Wheat Germ, Almond, Tulsi, Carrot, Sesame, Olive Oils

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Shadanga Baby Massage Oil

Therapeutic benefits:
Nourishes and lubricates baby skin.
2 Good for oleation and baby growth.
3 Good for baby muscles & blood circulation.
4 Provides good sleep.

Usage: For external application.
Key Ingredients: Wheat germ oil, Almond oil, Tulsi oil, Carrot oil, Sesame oil, Olive oil. male oil

Nourish & Lubricate Skin: Shadanga Baby Massage Oil nourishes and lubricates baby skin, promoting oleation and overall growth for your little one.

Improve Muscle & Blood Circulation: This massage oil is good for baby muscles and blood circulation, helping to promote overall health and wellness.