Shadanga Kumkumadi Face Oil with Saffron And Richness of Sandalwood Face Moisturizer, Nourish Skin Helps Removing Dark Circles And Improves Facial Radiance (10ML)

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Shadanga Kumkumadi Face Oil

Benefits of oil :
1 For Ideal Complexion & Facial Radiance.
2 Nourishes Face Skin & Tones facial muscles.
3 Removes Dark circles, Skin Marks & other blemishes.

Usage: For external application.

Key Ingredients: Crocus sativus, Vetiveria zizaniodes, Santalum album, Laccifer lacca, Glycyrrhiza glabra. ape sadam

Skin that appears younger - Together with other natural herbs, the luxurious kumkumadi oil helps to improve skin brightness, smooth out rough textures, and minimize fine wrinkles. A fresh natural blend of oils that have a pleasant smell for naturally brightening skin.

Shining skin oil - Shadanga Kumkumadi Oil's Skin Brightening Serum is made with a special combination of face oils and skin-rejuvenating herbs like saffron and sandalwood that effectively reduces the appearance of black spots, dry skin, and patchy skin, giving away skin that is bright and radiant.