Shadanga Murivenna oil 100ml | Oil for Burns, Cuts, and Sprains | First aid Box Oil |Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil|With Aloe vera, Tambula, Sigrupatra, Palandu, Tandulambu, and Shatavari in Coconut oil|

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Ayurvedic Healing Secrets: Ayurvedic oil for Burns, Cuts, and Sprains.

The name Murivenna comes from two Malayalam words, 'Murivu' meaning 'wound' and 'enna' meaning oil. So, Murivenna is an oil that helps in healing the wound. Prepared in a coconut oil base, Murivenna rapidly reduces inflammation and is highly useful in injuries involving Muscle pain, sprain and strains.

Indications : Contusion, Myalgia , Pain & swelling

Usage : External application in required quantity on affected area or as directed by Ayurvedic Physician

Know Your Murivenna ?

Murivenna oil is a traditional and time-tested part of trauma management. The healing properties of Moringa leaves, Indian shallots, Indian beech, Aloe vera etc. immediately kick into action in the management of most kinds of trauma including sprains, strains, fractures, dislocations, abrasions and burns. Murivenna Tailam hailed for its capacity in pain relief and healing, is a must-have in your First-aid kit.