Wellness Center In Gurgaon: Wellness centers can be of many kinds, and this often causes a lot of confusion. What exactly does a wellness center mean, and what are the services offered? In simple terms, a wellness center provides services for the well-being of the body and mind.

The various services a wellness center can offer are as follows:

Physical Therapies

Physical Therapies wellness center in Gurgaon

Physical therapies are conducted at the wellness center by a therapist who has education or certification in kinesiology, human body anatomy, or physiology. Therapists use their extensive knowledge to rehabilitate the human body without the use of medicines. Therapists at the Shadanga wellness center in Gurgaon treat various disorders or injuries using physical therapies.

Some of the common methods used include massages, weight training, the use of ice or hot packs, and electric stimulation. Physical therapies are often suggested by doctors for rehabilitation and to avoid more damage to the ligaments. These kinds of therapies are often prescribed after an accident, or an injury, or a specific illness.


Acupuncture welllness center in gurgaon

Acupuncture is a therapy where the treatment is done with the use of very small needles. These needles are inserted by the therapists near the affected area of the patient’s body. Only licensed therapists who have studied the general anatomy along with the designation of meridians perform acupuncture. They understand all about the energy channels present in the body and use acupuncture to get rid of any blockages.

Mental Health

Mental wellness center in gurgaon

The current generation is always under a lot of stress, which in turn affects their mental health. This is one of the many reasons why mental health is one of the services provided by almost every wellness center.

Shadanga wellness centers’ have experienced and skilled coaches, and psychologists who provide great services to every client who walks in. For example, a life coach works with a patient and helps him/her to achieve their goals and improve their focus. They also understand their skills and their weakness before planning for the coaching. Similarly, a wellness coach understands the strengths and weaknesses of an individual before starting therapy. With proper counseling and therapy, they help the patients change their eating and lifestyle habits, and achieve physiological health.

When you walk into a wellness center in Gurgaon, you might have a word with a clinical psychologist who conducts a mental screening to diagnose any psychological illnesses you might have. They do screenings for various psychological disorders like ADHD, depression, and more and help patients recover or deal with the illness.

Wellness centers’ also conduct various therapies like art therapy, or behavioral therapy to help the patients recover fast.

Yoga and Fitness

yoga and fitness wellness center in gurgaon

Yoga has been practiced in India for ages, and it helps rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. Regular practice of yoga incorporates the mind, and it helps strike balance between the body and mind.

Wellness centers focus on the three most components which are deep breathing, postures of the body, and meditation. Wellness centers also conduct group fitness or yoga classes where a trainer guides you with various yoga postures and breathing exercises.

Yoga classes at these centers are only conducted by trained yoga teachers and they also offer personalized yoga training for both kids and adults. Most of the wellness centers are located in serene locations have fitness programs that combine yoga with Ayurveda.


Dietician in gurgaon

A nutritionist or a dietician is a must in any wellness center. They help the patients with proper diet suggestions and strike the right balance. They also work closely with patients suffering from overweight or underweight, helping them achieve their weight goals.

The nutritionists at the wellness centers’ like others are licensed and have a master’s or bachelor’s degree and have extensive knowledge about how the food we eat can react with the body. They are thus skilled enough to provide diet plans to fight various medical conditions like obesity, hypertension, or diabetes.

Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurvedic Treatments in Gurgaon

Ayurvedic therapies and treatments are some of the most common services offered at a wellness center in Gurgaon. The ancient science of Ayurveda is practiced all over the world and is used to treat various illnesses and diseases.

The treatment is prescribed after a pulse diagnosis, and a few ayurvedic wellness centers’ also offer in-house stays with an ayurvedic diet. Some of the services provided are ayurvedic massages, ayurvedic diet, Panchakarma, etc.


Shadanga, a wellness center in Gurgaon helps you rejuvenate and balance your busy mind and body. Thanks to the sedentary lifestyles we lead today, a trip to a wellness center once every 6 months is a must. However, make sure you choose the best wellness center to relax and revitalize your body and mind.