What is the meaning of “Panchakarma treatment”?

Panchakarma Benefits for Skin – Panchakarma is a Sanskrit word meaning five actions or five treatments. It is a technique which is used on the body to clean the body of toxic material that is left by disease, malnutrition, or environmental toxins. It is also a very sought after rejuvenating program for the body, mind, and consciousness. Panchakarma therapy is based on the approach that any disease occurs because of the disturbance in the balance of the “Doshas” in the human body.


The three Doshas are Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha, which are representing the three systems in the human body, namely the nervous system, metabolic system, and the nutritive system. These Doshas are responsible for keeping the human body in a harmonious balance. Hence, it becomes necessary to restore this balance if it is observed to be disturbed to avoid any kind of toxic accumulation or any other disease. There are five actions or five treatments that are involved in a panchakarma session.

These five Panchakarma therapies are:

  1. Vamana
  2. Virechana
  3. Nasya
  4. Basti
  5. Raktamoskshana

Depending on the individual, a Panchakarma session can last from 7 days to 21 days or more. The main steps in a Panchakarma treatment include Poorva Karma, Pradhan Karma, and Paschaat Karma. It is important to note that a Panchakarma treatment is different for every individual, and the treatment is customized for every person after a proper pulse diagnosis, and a physical examination is done. 

All these treatments aim at rejuvenating a person’s body and help maintain the health, increase lifespan, reduce weight, tone skin and complexion, as well as revitalize the mind, body, and consciousness of the person. These detoxification therapies are not only used to treat skin ailments but can also be used by people without any ailments to maintain healthy skin and to avoid any skin, muscle, tissue, or any other problem in the future. 

Panchakarma benefits for skin

Here is the list of some of the skin problems that a Panchakarma retreat will help you in:

1. It helps with Eczema

Eczema refers to reaction patterns in the skin which can be either acute or chronic. It causes itching of the skin, swelling, reddening as well as dryness and flakes. Most of the time, it affects the ears, eyebrows, armpits, and central face. It is known to be triggered when the immunity of the body is getting impacted; therefore, toxins in the body accumulate. Panchakarma helps reduce the impact of Eczema by soothing and toning the skin and removing skin toxins. It focuses on detoxification and skin cleansing

2.   Treatment of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease that has various reasons for getting triggered. It is characterized by increased epidermal proliferation due to the increasing division of cells all over the basal layers of the skin. Panchakarma focuses on the purification of blood and the tissues while treating psoriasis. To ensure the strengthening of the tissues and skin, various herbs are used. Psoriasis can be a chronic disease; therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the user to maintain the rejuvenation of the skin after the treatment as well.

3.  Helps improve Acne Vulgaris affected skin

 The excess production of oil in the skin blocks the hair follicles, which causes acne. This is very prevalent in teenagers as well as young adults and can cause permanent scars. Therefore, its treatment becomes mandatory, especially if the condition is chronic. Panchakarma uses a multi-pronged approach to treat Acne Vulgaris. It first focuses on a balanced diet and improving digestion, the second step revolves around detoxification of the blood and skin, and then finally, measures are taken to ensure purification of the liver and digestive system to make sure the condition does not occur again.

4.   Vitiligo

It is a pigmentation disorder that generally affects hands, wrists, neck, and back. Research suggests that it is caused by an auto-immunological process of the body, which is a condition where the immune system of the body starts attacking the body itself. In Panchakarma, it is believed that Vitiligo is caused by multiple imbalances in the body, which is impacting the immune system. Therefore, four-pronged treatments are done to help with Vitiligo.

5.   Cellulite and fat reduction of the skin

A penetrating herbal paste is used to remove the lymphatic toxins in the body to reduce cellulite and fat. It is followed by a herbal bath where the body is heated to remove any sort of mental, emotional, and physical stress deep within the tissues of the skin. 

6.  Pain management

There are many skin ailments as well as muscle problems, which can cause permanent acute or chronic pain. It is prevalent when you become older. Panchakarma offers pain management services for this purpose, as well. 

There are so many other benefits of Panchakarma treatment as well, such as:

  • Detoxification of the entire body
  • Healing of the digestive system
  • Increase immunity and immune response
  • A decrease in the level of stress
  • Anti-aging treatments
  • Improved lustre and glow in the skin
  • Weight loss
  • Deep and calming relaxation of the mind and body
  • Enhanced mindfulness

Who needs Panchakarma?

Practically it is said that anyone can benefit from Panchakarma because, at some point in our lives, the body is full of toxins because of our every day stressful life. And it becomes really necessary to cleanse the body and get rid of all these toxins to make ourselves healthy again. There are certain signs you should observe to see if your body as toxins or not:

1. A thick layer of coating over your tongue

2. Fatigue all day, especially noticeable fatigue after a meal

3. Non-explanatory Body aches and pain

4. Uncontrollable cravings

5. Unable to focus

6. Bad breath and odor

7. Digestive issues such as constipation or Diarrhea

Panchakarma Benefits for Skin – There are many Panchakarma treatments in Gurgaon you should try out if you observe any of these symptoms. The purpose of Panchakarma is sadhana, meaning purification. It is believed that if a disease is treated by the ayurvedic panchakarma approach, it does not occur again and is ultimately vanquished from the body. Thus, Panchakarma becomes the ultimate way to treat your body and getting rid of all the toxins.

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